There’s all sorts of stats floating around that tell us that product videos work: they engage consumers and websites that add videos to their product pages typically sell more than those that don’t.

But, just like with any piece of content, you need to give your product videos the tools they need to perform. Here’s what I recommend.

1. Video SEO

You first need to make sure that people can find your product video. This is where good video SEO comes in. Videos have a much higher click through rate in the search results than their plain text counterparts. But how do you make sure your videos appear for a given query?

A video sitemap.

Google (currently!) has no way of watching your video. So it doesn’t know that when someone types “how do I apply foundation” (for instance), that your video provides the perfect answer to this.

A video sitemap is how you tell Google what your video is about. Once Google has this information, it then knows whether to display your video for a given search term.

Let’s work through an example of how to do this with vzaar.

1. Turn on video sitemaps:

By default all of your videos will be included in your sitemap. If you wish to exclude any of them you can, just head to their individual settings page.

It’s also a good idea to turn on auto sitemap generation. This just means that instead of you having to manually regenerate your sitemap every time you make a change, we will do it for you (one thing worth noting here: we regenerate the sitemaps once per day if you want your change to go live immediately you will still need to manually regenerate).

vzaar video sitemap options

2. Copy & paste into robots.txt

You’ll then notice we’ve generated a line of code for you, copy and paste this into your robots.txt file on your site. Check you’ve done everything properly at this stage, you can verify your robots.txt file:

how to verify your video sitemap in vzaar

3. Check your sitemap statistics

Now, you’ll notice just below all this there’s a sitemap statistics section. This tells you which videos will be indexed by Google. It will also flag any errors. It’s really, really important that your sitemap doesn’t contain errors as these will actually harm your SEO.

Don’t worry though, we automatically detect errors and exclude those videos, until you fix them.

An error usually occurs when you are missing some of the information the sitemap needs: the video title, description and URL it’s embedded on. Fixing these errors is easy. Just hit edit and enter all the information.

vzaar sitemap statistics

You can also enter this information on each individual’s video page.

If you want to find out more about this take a look at our video demos or read through the help document. Oh, and don’t forget to check out these tips from Moneyweek which saw them grow site traffic 136%.

2. Playback Control

Once you’ve started to drive traffic to your product videos you need to make sure they’re performing properly. To make your videos a buffer-free zone be sure that you’ve got progressive download turned on. This will mean your video loads ahead of time so it streams nice and smoothly.

You should also test out different bitrates. If you encode your video at too high a bitrate you’ll wind up with a huge file size that has difficulty getting through to slower Internet connections. We typically suggest you encode at 2,000 or smaller, this is the speed of the average Internet connection so this should work for the vast majority of people.

vzaar account encoding options

If you still want to give those with fast Internet connections HD quality – you can. Just enable dual encoding. As the name suggests this will render two versions of your video. The fast Internet connections get the high quality, while the slow Internet connections get a smaller file size and less buffering.

Find this whole bitrate thing confusing? Help is at hand check out this blog post or get in touch and we’ll walk you through it.

3. Customize Your Video Player

You should also be sure to give your product video that professional touch with your own customized video player. Use the color picker in your account, or enter the HEX code of your existing brand colors and hey presto – a video player that looks like you made it in house :)

4. Include a call to action

How do you get your viewers to buy your product?

Ask them to!

You should make it really, really clear what action you want your viewers to take after they’ve watched your product video. Using end screen text you can craft a compelling call to action at the end of your video to encourage conversions.

And again, it’s really just a matter of a few clicks to get going with this. Under the branding tab you’ll see an option for end screen text. Just fill in the copy you want to appear and the page you want to link it to (the shopping cart for example).

Add video call to action in vzaar account

Check out the video demo here for a quick walk through.

Happy selling!

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