This month we’ve been busy making a video to market our brand new Mail Catcher feature. The video is almost ready so we’ll be posting it in a couple weeks time (stay tuned…)

In the mean time though, I thought it would be worthwhile letting you in on a few behind the scenes tricks we use to produce our videos.

First up…

Our DIY light reflector

The Mail Catcher video involved a bit of filming in the great outdoors. Which was a nice change of scene for us office bods but does present extra challenges in terms of the lighting for the video.

The problem is that the only light source is the sun, whereas indoors you’re more likely to have multiple points of light (in our case some lovely fluorescent lights). What this means is that the light hits your subject’s face from just one single direction which can result in some harsh shadows.

To balance this out you need a light reflector. And in the video I’ll show you how to make your own, for the price of a few sheets of tin foil, a big piece of card and some white paper.

Then all you need is an extra pair of hands on set to hold the reflector and position it at just the right angle so that the sun’s rays bounce off it and give your subject a much less scary looking face!

The difference really is amazing – give it a go and let us know how you get on.

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