Although our main focus is obviously video, we do have a significant chunk of clients who use our audio player. And we have been noticing more and more feedback telling us that it needed a bit of an overhaul. We listened.

Until now the video player layout was working for audio. But, you might remember we’ve improved our video player quite a lot in the last year. It’s now got a new look and feel, with streamlined controls and navigation. Which is great…for the video player. Less handy for the audio player :(

It was time to give the audio player a bit of love…

What Was Our Aim?

Quite simply, to work on all the feedback we have been seeing in recent months. We wanted to understand our customer needs and find the best solutions to make them (you) happy!

The final objective was to improve the end user experience across all devices. Now, if you’re using the vzaar audio player, your listeners have the best possible experience – whether this be on desktop, mobile or tablet.

What’s Changed?


1. Consistent Design

First things first, we updated the overall design so that the audio player is now consistent with the fresh, clean style of our video player.

2. Streamlined Features

We took a look across our user base and worked out which of our features were most important to all our audio player fans. From this we identified that Brand Text, End Screen Text and Social Sharing needed to be reworked and made clearer within the audio player.

We also looked at which features weren’t being used. For instance, Mail Catcher & Password Protection just don’t make sense for the smaller layout. So we stripped ‘em.

By removing these features in the audio player we have made it more simple, intuitive and kept the space for what you really use.

3. A More Accessible Player No Matter What The Screen Size

Even when the screen size gets very small, the new audio player is still clear and easy to use. See?

< 72 px height

150px – 190px width

< 150 px width

And that’s about it! We hope you like what you see. If you have any feedback do let us know – we’re all ears :)

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