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Video How To: Using Creative Devices

We’ve just filmed this month’s video talking about our video advertising feature. We spent a lot of time on this, as actually we’ve done in the past, trying to think up a cool and interesting concept to tell our story. And we kind of got to a point of “why are we spending so much time?

What we should be doing is repeatedly using a creative device.

What Is A Creative Device?

A creative device is basically exactly what it says on the tin; it is a device you use in a creative fashion to help tell your story, make a video, whatever. You could consider a creative device to be where you shoot something. For instance, we always shoot in this room with this back drop, this lighting. So, if we need to go and shoot a talking head we know exactly what we’re doing: come in, set the camera up, mic on, go – it’s easy.

The creative device that I’m talking about for this video is a stylistic one, and the style was EPIC.

Why Should You Use A Creative Device?

Once you’ve decided on your creative device, it makes life so much simpler to concept. Instead of sitting in a meeting going “how should we tell this story?” what you can now say is, “how can we tell people about advertising…in an epic fashion?”

It narrows down the criteria and makes it much easier to come up with a concept. You know (kind of) what you’re gonna try and do in the first place, you just need to add a story in around it.

Brilliant so much easier!

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