Savills is one of the world’s largest real estate firms. Established in 1855 it has over 600 offices all over the globe, throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. Its secret? Honest advice from expert realtors enabling clients to fulfil all of their real estate needs – whatever and wherever they may be.

Savills Graphic Designer Barnaby Lewington explains, “We strive to provide valuable insight and advice on the property market. Our team has gained a reputation for an expert understanding of market dynamics and it’s this approach that is vital to our clients. One of the key ways we do this is to provide video research reports which we promote throughout our global property search website. The use of video for this really increases engagement between our clients and our staff.”

“We chose vzaar, quite simply, because it ticked all the boxes for us: it’s easy to use, has fantastically helpful staff and came in considerably cheaper than the competitors.”

When you’ve got a lot of video content to get out there quickly you really appreciate anything that speeds this process up.

Barnaby lewington

Barnaby LewingtonGraphic Designer, Savills

Easy To Use

Lewington continues, “vzaar is very simple to use, it just does what it says on the tin. It has been a huge time saver, enabling us to get video content added to our site quickly and easily. We upload the videos and then they just work. Job done.”

Bulk Uploading

“We batch upload videos fairly frequently, which again is a big time saver. When you’ve got a lot of video content to get out there quickly you really appreciate anything that speeds this process up.”

Branded Video Pages

“We also use the branded video pages for distributing video that doesn’t have an obvious home on our website. Rather than having to create the infrastructure on the site ourselves we have a ready made home for the videos that we can then use to promote Savills.”

Personal Support

“From the initial sales pitch, right through to the support we receive now, everyone at vzaar has been extremely personable. They always have time for us and it’s clear they really value their clients.”

Video Player Design

Lewington concludes, “The uncluttered design of the vzaar player is a definite plus. We want people to be concentrating on our message and our content, not where it’s coming from.”

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