The world’s first online learning platform for architects and design professionals, Black Spectacles, offers its members online video training courses in design software to enhance their creative potential. As Black Spectacles founder Marc Teer explains, “video is our product. We are selling access to our video tutorials, so video is the core of the business.”

With video so integral to Black Spectacles’ service choosing the right video hosting partner was critical. When Teer began to compare video hosting services it became clear that vzaar met all of his requirements.


With members paying to gain access to training videos, security was key when it came to choosing an online video platform, “we needed a solution which provided high quality video securely. With vzaar’s RTMPe streaming combined with HD encoding we get the quality our members require as well as the most secure form of streaming” says Teer.

Mobile Delivery

“We wanted our video tutorials to be accessible on any device. What’s nice is that – out of the box – we can tell our members that the videos work on their mobile phone or tablet. We don’t have to do any more work to make that happen” Teer reports.


Teer and his team have been impressed with how seamlessly the vzaar player has integrated with the Black Spectacles site. “We needed something that worked well and was also beautiful, we have the video player stripped down to be really simple and elegant” he reports.

Video is the core of the business so we needed a solution which provided high quality video securely, that worked well and looks beautiful

Marc teer

Marc Teer, Black Spectacles

Easy management

The team at Black Spectacles particularly like how easy the vzaar interface is to use, allowing them to choose the settings which best fit their online video goals. “We find vzaar easy to use and manage” says Teer, “we are able to easily upload and tag our files each week, we can sort our videos quickly and the videos auto play when the page is loaded.”

Cost effective solution

“Ultimately I chose vzaar because it provided a reasonable limit on bandwidth and price. A lot of other solutions were priced significantly higher” reports Teer.

Personal support

“We have found the support at vzaar to be much more personal than its competitors, many of whom have a much more take-it-or-leave-it approach. The folks at vzaar have been able to provide us with off the shelf solutions to make sure our videos work just the way we want them to” adds Teer.

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