LearningZen is a cloud based training platform that makes it easy for businesses to quickly set up their own online training courses.

LearningZen gives its clients the ability to include videos as part of their own training programs. COO Thomas Klassen explains, “Video helps our clients communicate directly and specifically with their trainees in ways that text and images cannot. Videos hold the attention of the learners and have become a very popular and effective way to communicate training materials.”

LearningZen focuses on providing a complete end-to-end solution, allowing its clients to create their own private training portals. Each portal is customizable, deploys in minutes and requires no hardware or software to implement. As such, the team needed a video hosting platform in line with this functionality. According to Klassen, “vzaar provides all the tools we need to effectively manage the videos our clients upload.

“Having a universal video solution embedded within our product has been a real feature differentiator in competitive sales opportunities. Using vzaar has helped our clients become more excited about using LearningZen and it has met all of our critical requirements.”

Using vzaar has helped our clients become more excited about using LearningZen and it has met all of our critical requirements

Learning zen

Thomas Klassen, COO, LearningZen

Video Formats

Chief among those requirements was the need to accept videos in different formats, “Because our clients upload videos themselves we didn’t want to have to restrict them to a particular file type. vzaar supports all standard formats so this hasn’t been a problem,” says Klassen.

Web, Tablet, Mobile

“Our clients access the training videos from any number of devices so it was really important that the videos play on all platforms and operating systems including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices,” Klassen explains.

Robust API

He continues, “We were also looking for a service that could be fully integrated into our own product at an API level, eliminating the need for our content creators to leave LearningZen when uploading videos and placing them into their own course materials.”

Personal Support

“The level of support we received during our trial period was truly exceptional so we knew what to expect once we signed up.”

Easy To Use

“The vzaar dashboard has been very easy to use and we monitor it daily to track video plays and bandwidth so we can monitor client usage. We also heavily use the video labels which allow us to tag each video so we can easily locate it when we need to.”

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