# eLearning Video Tips

2 minute video demo: How to set up vzaar in Blackboard

In this demo I’ll teach you how to create users in vzaar and link them to your Blackboard account.

This way, your teachers will never have to touch vzaar. They can do everything through the Blackboard plugin. Contact us to give the BETA version a whirl!

Everyone in the same department can use the same API key, but I’d suggest creating different APIs for different departments to keep things nice and simple. It just means that Maths students and teachers won’t get bombarded with English content and vice versa. You can just follow the same process for every API you create.

If you’re more of a text buff than a visual learner, you can check out the written instructions below. :)

First off, you need to give your staff members a vzaar ID according to their department.

This way your teachers can upload videos to their course page to share with their students and other members of their department.

1. Go to vzaar.com and login to your account.

2. Click the Account tab at the top and then click Users.

3. Click Add New User at the bottom of the page.

4. Fill out the form with the department’s details and then go to the little red box on the right hand side of the page. Tick the box to Allow custom settings and then select the Account Type from the dropdown menu.

5. If the user is set as Editor, they’ll have the same amount of power and control over the vzaar videos as you do and they’ll be able to see everything.

If you change them to a User, it limits them to just viewing and uploading videos in the sections you allocate them (eg. their department and course pages).

You can also choose for them to be a Viewer, which allows them to only view the videos on their page but not upload them, or an Uploader, which means they can upload content but not view anything.

6. Go back to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

7. Now your new user will show up in your users page. Add a new user in the same way for each department.

Generate An API Key

Now you have your vzaar accounts, you need to get a vzaar API key to link to their Blackboard account.

8. Logout of your vzaar account and log back in as your faculty user with the password you just made for them.

9. Click Settings at the top and then click API on the left-hand side.

10. At the top, under where it says API, click Generate. A long jumble of letters and numbers will appear under the title “API Token”. Copy it and go back to your Blackboard page.

11. Go to System Admin and then under Building Blocks on the right hand side, click Building Blocks.

12. Click Installed Tools.

13. Find us in the list of Installed Tools. We’re called vzaar video. Click the little grey arrow that appears when you hover your mouse over it and then click Settings.

14. Go to the Multi User Configuration. Here you’re linking your teachers’ individual Blackboard login IDs with their department vzaar login ID. So fill out their ID and vzaar username and then paste your token.

15. Click Submit and you’re done.

Follow this process to create an API for each department. You can use the same API for everyone in the same department and obviously change the API when you’re changing department so you can separate which videos they have access to.

See how easy it is yourself! Contact us to try out the Blackboard Building Block in BETA!