Events company BrightonSEO arrange digital marketing conferences, with the aim of distilling what’s important in the world of Internet marketing and helping people turn that insight into actionable strategies.

As each event is sponsor-funded, one of the main challenges the team face is in attracting attendees, a challenge which online video has helped them to overcome. As Strategy Director Kelvin Newman explains, “Because our events are free to attend at times there can be skepticism, we use videos as one of the main ways of overcoming that false assumption.”

By providing video footage of all its events BrightonSEO have been able to showcase them to their full effect, “Our videos effectively allow customers to try before they buy. It reassures them that our events are top notch and attract some of the finest speakers in the industry.”

The results speak for themselves, “Our first event was in the upstairs room of a pub with two dozen attendees, now we attract over 2000 attendees.”

We’d been treated really badly by our previous hosting company but our relationship with vzaar has always been plain sailing.

Kelvin newman

Kelvin Newman, Strategy Director, BrightonSEO

Mobile Delivery

According to Newman, “Flexibility and being future proof was a big part of what we were looking for. When we chose vzaar very few of the hosting companies supported video on iOS, now that’s a standard feature, but vzaar were miles ahead of the curve on that front.”

MailChimp Integration

He continues, “We also really like the ability to insert an email capture form at the end of every video. Our videos are a key part of our customer acquisition process so being able to put such a clear and strong call to action at the end of each of our videos has made it much easier to quantify their value to our business.”

Cost Effective Solution

“vzaar is also very flexible in terms of pricing. We have been able to scale up and down as demand dictated.”

Customer Support

Newman has also been impressed with the personal support vzaar has delivered, “We’d been treated really badly by our previous hosting company but our relationship with vzaar has always been plain sailing.”

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