Hot off the press… the new vzaar playability index (vpi).

We’ve cranked up the cleverness of our maths so you can understand (and improve!) your videos’ success.

Based on your video’s scale, its views, impressions and clicks, you can get an idea of how popular your video will be before it’s too late.

Maximize your chances of success

Based on your vpi rating, you can alter your video to get more views.

More views = higher customer engagement and satisfaction. A Sitecore study found that fully engaged customers bring in 23% more revenue. They’re more likely to come back for more and spread the word of how amazing you and your website are. So you’ll boost the success of your business.

So if your video gets a high impression rate but low play count, you’ll need to make it stand out more on your page, perhaps give it a catchier title and a striking poster frame. (The poster frame is the image your video shows before a viewer clicks play.)

Wait, back up a second. How does this all work?

The vpi gives each of your videos ratings out of 1000. A higher rank means it has a higher chance of being viewed. A lower ranking gives a warning sign that your video might not do as well. To try and up its popularity, you could put it on a more prominent area of your website, upload it at the time of day when your videos see the most traffic and share it with your email list and/or on social media.

Longer videos may get less views than shorter ones, so make them as concise as possible. Remember, we now have shorter attention spans than goldfish (Independent). Keep this in mind when you’re creating your video content.

The new vzaar analytics interface shows you your top played videos and the times of day, week and month they’ve been played. This gives you a good idea when’s a good time to upload your new videos and which kind of content and topics your visitors engage most with. You can play to these strengths and boost your success.

You can also keep track of how much video bandwidth you’ve used under the “usage” tab and download your reports for a permanent copy under your “reports” tab.

Measure Viewer Engagement

Link vzaar with your Google analytics account to gain insight into how people engage with your videos. See how many times they load, view, click, pause and seek in your videos and how far they get through them. This will allow you to gauge how well you’re hooking your audience, whether you need to create shorter or more compelling videos and where in the videos viewers tend to lose or gain interest.

What do I do from here?

See what’s working. Play to your strengths. Create more content around topics most popular with your viewers and avoid subjects that bomb.

If an unpopular topic is unavoidable, try and boost its popularity by keeping it concise and uploading it on a popular page of your website, at a peak time of day and week.

Edit, update and replace unpopular videos. You can do this easily using the vzaar “replace video” feature. Once you’ve replaced the video on your vzaar account, it will automatically update everywhere you embedded the original video. So you don’t need to go through all your different blog posts and websites.

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