Arena Flowers is one of the UK’s leading online florists. By sourcing flowers directly from suppliers throughout the world and employing their own team of trained florists in one centralized location, Arena is able to offer the freshest bouquets for the best value around. But the flowers aren’t the only thing people love about Arena.

From their Twitter account’s stream of irreverent jokes to the creative add-ons offered when checking out, Arena’s customers are constantly delighted by the distinctly quirky and innovative approach Arena Flowers take to every aspect of their business.

It’s no surprise that a forward-thinking company like Arena is fully embracing video in their marketing efforts. What is a bit more unexpected is how they’re providing customers with an opportunity to give loved ones a more thoughtful and personal gift experience through video. Arena is the first florist in the world to provide video messaging and they rely on vzaar’s API to bring this truly unique offering to their customers.

Will Wynne, CEO of Arena Flowers, believes video messaging is a perfect addition to Arena’s offerings:

”This is just one weapon in our armory of personalization and is a great way to highlight how different and innovative we are”

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Tech is not Arena Flowers’ main focus, and they weren’t interested in investing a lot of time or money into building support for video uploads, hosting, and delivery, so they sought out vzaar.

“vzaar are video experts with an impressive technical team and support for a product that does everything we need. Why rebuild the wheel?”

Once they realized how easy the process would be with vzaar, the decision to move forward was obvious, and the video messaging was up and available to customers in no time.

API Integration

“The API integration process went very smoothly. We went from deciding to implement it to having the feature live in a couple of days,” Arena CTO Same Barton recalls. “The integration steps are very well documented and vzaar provides libraries for most popular programming languages which really sped up the process.”

Arena customers can opt-into video messaging during the checkout phase for an additional £1. Once they’ve completed payment, the customer is redirected to an upload page. When the flowers are delivered, they are accompanied by a card with the URL where the video message can be viewed on the Arena Flowers site.

“Understandably, those that use it, love it,” reports Wynne.

Arena flowers 02

Although Arena Flowers already has a page dedicated to video content, Will and his team are currently A/B testing how well various videos perform on their homepage. Wisely, they recognize the difference between a professional video hosting service and a free service, and so integrate both vzaar and YouTube into their marketing strategy. They use vzaar to power the videos on their homepage, while simultaneously uploading to YouTube to take advantage of the built in audience there.

“YouTube has its uses; the reach is unparalleled and we are testing that.” Wynne explains. “However, there is no way we’d put a YouTube video on our homepage. It simply wouldn’t look professional enough.”

Regardless of which video wins out in their current A/B test, ArenaFlowers will continue to explore new and clever ways to capitalize on the benefits of online video with vzaar.

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