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Smashing The Barriers To Video Advertising: vzaar & AOL

Did you know that digital video ad spend is expected to hit $16.69 billion by 2020? More brands than ever before are choosing to advertise on digital video (in a move away from traditional TV ad spending).

vzaar is here to help publishers capitalize on this trend.

Part of our mission is to help businesses make money from their videos. That’s why I’m very excited to write today about our recent partnership with AOL.

For some years, now, we’ve offered a video advertising interface. It’s a fantastic option for those who do have an ad network all ready in place, you can have your ads up and running in seconds (quite literally). A simple copy & paste job and you’re done.

While this has helped hundreds of businesses to monetize their videos, those who don’t already work with an ad network face a time consuming process before they can get started.

For many publishers there’s a big barrier to entry into the video advertising world. Establishing a relationship with an ad network (such as AOL) can be a lengthy process. We wanted to bring the same get-started-in-seconds process to these businesses.

If you don’t already have an ad network in place then you simply use ours!

Partnering with AOL means that publishers using vzaar can now get their hands on off the shelf ad tags. Your account manager will manage the AOL interface for you, just book a call with us to discuss and we’ll have you up and running in no time.

AOL have a number of Trading Desks that use their One Video Demand Side Platform which means that they have unique demand that publishers can benefit from. Publishers can plug their inventory into the open exchange which is great for fill and volume, but also set up Private Marketplaces, which drive higher CPMs.

We’re proud to work with one of the most powerful, effective online advertising tools in the business. And we’re prouder still to be helping more businesses than ever before to unlock video advertising for their business.

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