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Getting Started With Video Advertising: How To Choose A Stellar Ad Network

How To Choose A Stellar Ad Network

Did you know… video advertising makes up 35% of total online ad spend (Break Media).

It’s time to get a sliver of that ad spend for yourself. If you’re a digital publisher, adding advertising to your video content will open up a whole new revenue stream for you. But before you start to make money from video advertising you need to find an ad network to work with.

What is an ad network?

In a nutshell: an ad network connects brands with publishers. By building a relationship with an ad network you will gain access to its advertisers’ ad tags. You then put these ad tags into your videos to start earning money from your video views.

How to choose your ad network

Not all ad networks were created equal. Targeting, pricing and reporting will all differ. Since video advertising is a revenue stream for you, it’s critical that you get this right.

Is It Reliable?

Before you can even begin to make money from video advertising, those adverts must play back. It’s essential to partner with a credible, reliable ad network. Do a little research on the company itself, how long have they been in the ‘biz? Who else uses them?

Check out reviews and client case studies to get a good gauge of whether this is a business you want to do business with.

Will Ads Play Across All Devices?

  • By 2020 75% of mobile traffic will be video (CISCO).
  • Mobile video ad spend in the US will reach $6 billion in 2018, representing about half of the total online video ad spend (Tech Crunch).
  • One-third of all adults under age 54 use smartphones to watch online videos (Google Survey).

Mobile video is huge right now. If the adverts don’t play on mobile you’ve just lost a HUGE chunk of ad revenue – particularly if your audience is a mostly mobile one.

How Much ROI Can You Expect?

It’s important to know how much you will be paid so you can work out the value to your business. Most video advertising works on a CPM model.

CPM stands for Cost per Thousand impressions (or views). It is the amount you’ll earn for every thousand ad views. Great news if you have a lot of traffic to your videos – the more views you get the more money will come rolling in.

But, bear in mind that some ad networks have a minimum impression threshold which you’ll need to meet before they’ll allow you to join. If you’re a smaller, niche publisher this could prove problematic. But don’t worry, AOL opens up this ad network for you – regardless of your size.

The return on your video investment simply becomes the amount of revenue you generate

Do You Have Control Over Your Ads?

This is an important one if your audience is sensitive to certain images and topics. Let’s say your demographic is teens & pre-teens. You don’t want to be showing them adverts for alcohol for example. Check that you have the control to turn off or blacklist these kinds of advertisements.

Or…Just Use Ours

Thorough research is time consuming. We are yet to meet any professional who couldn’t benefit from another few hours in the day! It’s quicker & easier to get started with video advertising if you use an online video platform which already has a relationship with an ad network in place. That way, you don’t need to go through all the research & logistics of joining – it’s all set up for you. Book a call with one of our video experts to get started today!

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