The vzaar team have touched down in San Francisco to attend the biggest SaaS conference on the planet – SaaStr 2018.

We are super excited to be here, not just because we’ve escaped the freezing London temperatures (although that is a bonus) but more for the opportunity to learn and absorb the latest thinking and strategies from top SaaS experts over three content filled days. Some questions that will be answered at the conference: ‘How to create a $50m ARR revenue machine’, ‘How to build a two billion dollar rocket ship’ (yes, really) and ‘Secrets of building an engaged customer base’. 10,000 people will be soaking up the answers.

Leaders from the likes of Marketo, Dropbox, and Slack will be taking to the stage to share their triumphs, failures and ‘what i learned’ epiphanies, and we’ll be there with our notepads, pens, iPads, laptops and any other device to ensure we don’t miss a thing.

We’re a friendly bunch here at vzaar (our lovely photos surely prove that) and we enjoy connecting with new people.

Adrian Sevitz
Gareth Cadwallader
Alan Oliver
VP Engineering


If you’d like to take a little time out to exchange ideas, share learnings or just make a connection, our team at Saastr (above) are ready to chat over a coffee! Get in touch at to arrange a meet up.

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