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The Small Business Edge – by Kris Drey, VidCompare

*We invited Kris Drey of video comparison site VidCompare to pen his thoughts on the dilemmas facing small businesses when considering online video as a means of marketing.* Small businesses today are struggling to be seen, to be heard, to garner traction in a highly competitive and economically suffocating environment. Funding from angel investors and […]

Online Video Industry Report: Brands & Agencies Catch the Wave

Some interesting findings from [a report commissioned by TurnHere](http://www2.marketwire.com/mw/mmframe?prid=550308&attachid=1095022) * came to our attention this week. All in all it serves to reinforce that online video is going to be the number one marketing tactic in 2010 for businesses and agencies looking to expand the success of their online activities. Some of the highlights include: […]

5 Types Of Video To Consider Adding To Your Site

Since we opened up the vzaar video player to allow embedding on multiple website platforms we have seen a really interesting variety of video types emerge from our user base. I thought it might be worth highlighting a five examples that may inspire future video production or shifts in how you utilise video to drive […]

Video Length: How Long Should My Video Be?

One of the most asked questions at vzaar HQ from users is “what is the ideal video length?” Now that’s a really hard question to answer. Someone selling a diamond ring might be able to get their message across in a few seconds, whereas an eLearning company talking in depth about their topic probably needs more […]