What Should E-Learning Businesses Look For in a Video Hosting Platform?

Whether you provide free content or premium online courses to your customers, choosing where to host your videos can have a huge impact on their performance and success. Hosting video content on your own server has its downsides: you can quickly take up a lot of space, and you’ll also need to deal with the hassle of properly configuring it. With this in mind, a video hosting platform is more often than not the right way to go to ensure your videos are safe and you have peace of mind. But which to choose and where to start?
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Case Study: How San Antonio Independent School District Uses Video to Showcase Its Schools

Serving 54,000 students in 90 schools at the heart of the city, San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) is the third largest public school system in the Bexar County area. For more than 100 years it has educated some of San Antonio’s most notable citizens, whose contributions have made the world a better place. Read more

Case Study: How Quondos.com Built the First SEO eLearning Platform for Spanish Marketers

Quondos.com is the first and largest Spanish eLearning platform dedicated exclusively to SEO and online marketing tips. The company began when Carlos Bravo (from Marketingguerilla.es) and Alex Navarro (Vivirdelared.com) were competing to see who could create the most profitable online project within a one year period. Read more

Case Study: How Warwick Business School Use Video to Transform the Learning Experience

As one of the leading business schools in Europe, Warwick Business School understand the importance of creating engaging content to support students and enrich their learning experience. Read more

Case Study: How Universidad Blas Pascal Provides Quality Online Distance Learning Courses

Universidad Blas Pascal (UBP) is a private university in Cordoba, Argentina. Founded in the 1990s it is dedicated to training people around the country, both through face to face classes, as well as eLearning programs. Read more