Manage video library

How to Manage Your Videos As Your Library Grows

The past several years have seen a significant increase in the size of video libraries. This has been driven by the natural build-up of content from publishers and courseware from eLearning organisations and also by the emergence and growth of video-intensive businesses.

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What Should E-Learning Businesses Look For in a Video Hosting Platform?

Whether you provide free content or premium online courses to your customers, choosing where to host your videos can have a huge impact on their performance and success. Hosting video content on your own server has its downsides: you can quickly take up a lot of space, and you’ll also need to deal with the hassle of properly configuring it. With this in mind, a video hosting platform is more often than not the right way to go to ensure your videos are safe and you have peace of mind. But which to choose and where to start?
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Case Study: How TNR Communications Distributes Its Clients’ Video Stories With vzaar

TNR is a specialist content, PR and broadcast agency with clients ranging from Paddy Power to Lottery to the Museum of London. Read more