eLearning Guide: How to Create and Sell Your Online Course

In this free self-check guide, we let you in on all the unwritten eLearning rules and give you simple but powerful tips on how to navigate this market. Enrich your course with authentic ideas, learn how to connect with your students and create compelling eLearning experiences that you will be proud of. It’s now or never.


Learn how to build your online course today

What you will learn

Chapter 1: Mapping out your online course

How do you cut through the noise and connect with your students? It’s quite simple, really. Address the right crowd with the right message. Learn how to demystify your target audience and understand how to communicate with it. Don’t let your course drift into the abyss.

Chapter 2: Mistakes that are killing your course: have you fallen for them?

Some mistakes are unforgivable. They will drive your learners away, leaving you confused and frustrated. So put a stop to this horrible scenario by noting and avoiding the most common eLearning mistakes. Keeping your audience engaged and on its toes is not that hard when you know all the big no-nos.

Chapter 3: Understanding the brain: are you using these memory hacks?

In this chapter, we show you how to unlock the capacity of human memory and teach with the power that comes with intimately understanding what’s going on below the surface. These science-backed memory hacks can help students retain more information and improve the learning outcomes. (p.s. it turns out, we learn by forgetting.)

Chapter 4: Have you added these elements to make your online course more compelling?

Did you know that adding humor to your online course material is one of the best ways to boost students’ mood, engagement levels and even their memory? There are certain elements that can make any course a huge success among online learners. Learn how to win your students with a little of irresistible charm.

Chapter 5: So this is how you rock eLearning videos: top production & hosting tips

Video is the axis of great eLearning content. The only thing worse than no video content is poor quality content. Use these simple but powerful video production and hosting tips for online instructors to charge your online course with the power of video.

Chapter 6: The easiest way to measure your course effectiveness

To continue building on and improving your eLearning content, you need to master the most effective feedback and evaluation techniques. In this chapter, we share the easiest tools to collect and apply student feedback, so you can revisit and tweak your course with real confidence.

Chapter 7: Did you do a good job at marketing your course?

Why does one course become bestselling while another goes unnoticed? What helps online instructors increase their visibility and build strong learner community? What are the most effective marketing tactics that can be used to promote a course? Learn the answers to all of these questions and become the next big thing in the eLearning space.


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