5 expectations of a video uploader

Uploading may not seem the most exciting link in the online video chain, but, let’s face it, without it there would be no video content available at all online. There’s nothing particularly interesting or complicated about uploading one short clip. But more and more video-intensive businesses are uploading longer-form content or uploading multiple videos in batches. Read more

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Multi mid roll video advertising

Publishers are always looking for the right balance between the intrinsic quality of their content and its monetization. While no-one wants their valuable content to become nothing more than a moving billboard, for most publishers it is true that their videos are potentially their most valuable real estate. Over recent years we’ve seen a big increase in the amount of long-form video content, from 30 minutes up to full feature length.
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Online education is booming. The eLearning market is set to grow to $325.10 billion by 2025. Video hosting for online courses is key for this market.

For anyone considering providing eLearning courses for fitness training, medical education, financial coaching, college courses, or anything else, now is the time. For example, a yoga teacher can only provide a set number of classes to a set number of students in their studio. But deliver these yoga sessions online and you now have the potential to get in front of thousands or even millions of viewers.

Add a subscription model to the mix and a single online yoga session can become an ongoing money generator. This blog will explore the eLearning video market, and compare the best video hosting platforms for online courses. Read more