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The creative agency hosts, manages, and embeds videos client videos with vzaar.

With a business based on digital design, Bite CP - a vibrant, creative marketing agency - needed a top class video hosting platform not just for their own website but one they could trust sufficiently when building websites for their high profile clients, such as John Lewis and Oracle.

Sam Evans, Head of Digital for Bite CP, said good delivery of video and animated content was the "lifeline" of his company's business and therefore the choice of hosting platform was a matter for very careful consideration.

It was Sam's job to find the right solution. He needed a feature-rich platform, which would allow for tight control and security, with no annoying size and running length restrictions. Being a professional, Sam says he did not even consider "for one minute" using free video hosting like YouTube or vimeo, which he believes are not viable for a commercial application.

Where else would a wise web-ster turn for advice than the Internet? Sam started "tweeting" and the word vzaar kept coming back! The industry grapevine also pointed him in the direction of vzaar as a video solution worth checking out.

Sam got on to vzaar, and was hooked! He loves the API (Application Programming Interface), the fact that the vzaar platform frees up space on the server and saves on bandwidth as well as the embedded coding, the developer tools, the... well, in fact, just everything!

Good delivery of video and animated content is the 'lifeline' of our company's business.

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Sam Evans Bite CP

There's no doubt that vzaar has made Sam and his company very happy and in turn, Bite CP is now able to pass on the benefits of vzaar to their own clients.

For example, Bite CP created a video for the partners of Oracle to help them market one of Oracle's midsize ERP solutions. The many variations of video utilised in this exercise are managed through vzaar and delivered externally through the partner websites.

Another big name brand on Bite CP's client list is multi channel retailer, John Lewis. They developed a secure website for John Lewis that houses the brand framework, brand guidelines and other useful tools that help to deliver a consistent brand. The videos on the site are delivered to a JavaScript light-box through the site's content management system, courtesy of vzaar.

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It is not only big business which Bite CP has benefiting from vzaar's video management, Ronald McDonald House Charities' website has vzaar delivering various promotional videos too.

One of the UK's biggest media agencies, MPG (Media Planning Group) are on the vzaar bandwagon too - or rather riding the video carousel! Sam said Bite CP redeveloped areas of the MPG website built in Flash to work with devices which are not compatible - and part of that work incorporates a JavaScript video carousel, using vzaar.

Being a technical guru, Sam is not only effusive about the finer features of the vzaar video platform but he also admits that he has enjoyed interacting with the vzaar development team. He is full of praise for the vzaar guys whom he said are always available on mobile, twitter and email, ready to help and advise with any development problem. It's all part of the package, which Sam feels is extremely good value.