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Real estate agencies use video to sell homes and promote agents.

eSoft Systems real estate marketing platform combines the latest information management, data mining and social networking technologies with state of the art HDR photographic and online video technologies to revolutionize and simplify how real estate agents and brokers worldwide do business. In business for over 10 years in Europe, this real estate marketing company is now expanding worldwide including the US.

"Buying a home requires appealing to a wide range of buyer's emotions, feelings and instincts, their life aspirations. Online video is an incredibly effective way to appeal to a buyer's senses, especially to a buyer who is not knowledgeable of the community's advantages, features and special beauty," says Michael Haagen Jensen, President & CEO of esoft systems, inc., the US subsidiary to esoft systems, A/S.

Many real estate professionals have added video to their listings. However, esoft systems is now adding an extra twist - many of their videos feature the acutal agent on-camera, guiding the buyer through the property and community. In addition to marketing the property, this enables the buyer to get to know the agent, to gauge their knowledge, expertise and friendliness.

vzaar's ability to create customized players is also a big advantage to present a professional, unique look and feel.

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"The agents who are using our services are especially excited about how well the videos work for them," adds Michael. "Even better, sellers prefer real estate professionals who know how to use the latest technologies instead of relying upon the stale processes that most real estate agents grew up on."

Because much of esoft systems' success, and its client's success, depends on high quality, high definition reliably delivered, they choose to work with vzaar to host and facilitate delivery to the videos worldwide.

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"We looked at the entire video hosting market and picked vzaar," explains René Dines Hermand, Founder & CEO of esoft systems A/S. "We selected vzaar because its scalability, better technical capabilities. We love the interaction with the vzaar team and working closely on improved vzaar features and new services that that will benefit esoft systems and our real estate agency customers. vzaar's ability to create customized players is also a big advantage to protect agent and broker branding as well as to present a professional, unique look and feel."

Depending on budget and the sales price of the home, esoft systems provides a variety of different video production options. These can range from high quality Hollywood style productions to simpler, more straightforward films. "We think that esoft systems will revolutionize how real estate agents and brokers market properties," says Rene. "It is amazing to see how quickly real estate sales professionals 'get it'. We are expanding our services throughout the US and are in the process of hiring and training dozens of new photographers and videographers."