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How Reflexion Yoga use video to teach students all over the world

Reflexion Yoga is an online yoga site which enables people all over the world to practice yoga from the comfort of their own homes – thanks to video.

Founder Kyle Weiger explains, "Video is the perfect way for our team of certified yoga instructors to demonstrate poses. We also use a lot of video to promote the site as well. The power and intimacy of video is essential for us to create long term relationships with our customers."

For Reflexion Yoga videos are the product, which made it essential to choose the right video hosting platform. According to Weiger, "The entire business is video-based so it was really important to find a solution with room for growth and reliable streaming. After researching a plethora of online video platforms I settled on vzaar. It made it really easy for us to deliver our videos to our audience and its flexible pricing packages mean we don't have to break the bank to do it!"

It's rare that I look at software and say "they've thought of everything", but vzaar definitely has.

Kyle weiger
Kyle Weiger Reflexion Yoga

Easy Management

"Learning the vzaar platform is very intuitive," Weiger reports, "It's insanely easy and the ability to search through all of our videos has allowed us to save a lot of time. When you have over 100 hours of video being able to manage them efficiently really is a must!"

Weiger has been particularly impressed with vzaar's Replace feature. "On a couple of occasions I've had to replace a video on my site. Initially I thought this would mean uploading a new video and making an entirely new post. However, I can do everything in vzaar by using their Replace feature. It basically does everything for me."

Customer Support

"After a few conversations with vzaar's support staff it was obvious to me that they really care about their customers and are super-responsive to questions. Their in-house experts provide guidance on everything from file formats, video conversion, tips and tricks to optimize playback. If I need them to coach me through something they're with me every step of the way."

Customizable Player

"The customizable player is also a major advantage to us because we have been able to match the style and theme of the Reflexion Yoga site," Weiger adds.


He continues, "Being able to see how many views each video has is really helpful. If I see that a video is getting a lot of views from my members I can then promote that video on social media to showcase the quality of what we offer. It's been a very effective selling tool!"