China Video Hosting

Make sure your videos can be seen in China by hosting them on our Beijing servers.

Ensure You Have The Best Video Quality In China

vzaar's Beijing servers make sure your videos are seen in China

CDN points of presence (or POPs) are what keep your videos speedy. They cache content at the closest available server to the viewer. This ensures that, wherever your viewers are in the world, they have videos delivered from a server near them. We have POPs on the Chinese mainland to deliver your videos, in the usual speedy fashion, to a whole new part of the globe.

Reach every screen in China

No stuttering on slow connections. Amazingly sharp quality on hi-res screens. Adaptive streaming automatically detects your viewer’s bandwidth & device and delivers the best quality video for them.

Don't let the Great Firewall slow down your videos

If a Chinese viewer is a long way from the video server, the latency on their connection will increase. Think of latency as being how long it takes to ask for the video and receive it back. The further you are from the server, the more intermediary points the video request and its response have to go through, in order to get from A to B. If it takes a second or more to make a request and receive a response, the likelihood is that your viewers aren’t having a great experience.

Latency can lead to video playback delays, particularly when viewing HD videos. In China the internet is pretty heavily regulated. As a result many companies lack servers on the Chinese mainland. By using a Content Delivery Network in China, vzaar ensures that latency is much lower than other video hosts.

Don't let the Great Firewall block your videos

Many western websites are blocked outright in China. By using a CDN in China, vzaar guarantees your videos will be playable and not blocked by the Great Firewall.

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*100GB of allowance can be used towards China playback. Overages apply thereafter. Please contact us if you require additional bandwidth for this territory.