Customizable Video Player

Add a customized video player to your website so it matches your brand.

Customizable Video Player Colors

Changing your video player color schemes is a great way of enriching your user experience and is really simple to do. Choose one of the nine available color schemes for your player, or create your own custom scheme using your HEX code.

Customizable Player Borders

By default, the vzaar video player is displayed without a border. This is often referred to as 'borderless', or 'chromeless'. Enable or remove the border by visiting the Settings Page and changing the option to Border On/Off. This will update the embed code for all videos currently in your vzaar account.

Customizable video player

Customizable Video Player Speed

Viewers can watch the video at 0.5x, 1.25x, 1.5x or 2x speed - useful if they need to slow down difficult parts and speed up those they’re comfortable with.

Customizable video player speeds

Customizable Brand Text

vzaar allows you to control the branded text on your own player. Add call to actions with links to other videos or web pages. Instead of carrying the vzaar brand, you can update the Brand Text in the bottom right hand corner to something of your own choosing. At the same time you can also have the text link to a website address (URL) of your choice. This is a great feature if you want to give your video player a more professional look and feel.

Add Email Capture Forms

Capture leads from your videos. vzaar's Mail Catcher inserts an email capture form at the beginning, during or after video playback to generate new business leads.

Email capture in video

Customizable Video Quality

Allow viewers to choose which video rendition they see. Viewers choose from low and standard defintion all the way up to 4K HD quality, directly from the video player.

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*100GB of allowance can be used towards China playback. Overages apply thereafter. Please contact us if you require additional bandwidth for this territory.