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Mk seo
video results have 41% higher click through rate in the search results

Video SEO

Get video results in Google and drive extra traffic to your site. vzaar allows you to create your own video sitemaps so you can optimize search results for the most clicks and improve your video SEO.

Creating your video sitemap Creating your video sitemap

Our videos are a key part of our customer acquisition process so being able to put such a strong and clear call to action at the end of each of our videos makes it much easier to quantify their value to our business… we also really like the ability to insert an email capture form.

Kelvin Newman
Kelvin Newman BrightonSEO
Mk mailchimp

End Screen Text

Use a call to action at the end of your video to see conversion rates soar. End screen text is a great way to get your message across.

Mail Catcher

Supercharge your mailing list with Mail Catcher. Insert an email capture form at the beginning, during or after video playback to generate new business leads.

Raise Brand Awareness

Video is the most shared branded content type. Make the most of it.

Enabling social sharing on our promotional videos means we get extra exposure on social media to help with our marketing efforts. We then use the end screen text to link back to our website to draw in traffic and add to the user experience.

Three Minute Trainer
Jon Whiting Three Minute Trainer Founder

Branded Video

Drive brand awareness with your video by adding your logo and link to your page.

YouTube Syndication

Embed video on your site AND take advantage of the YouTube audience for extra brand exposure. YouTube syndication takes the hassle away from uploading your video in two different places.

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Mobile video

2/3 of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2017

The rise in demand for video on the move and the changing ways in which people consume video content means it is vital we have video that can play across mobile devices. This was incredibly important to us when choosing a video hosting platform.

TNR Communications
Alex Waite TNR Communications Marketing Manager
Mk mobile

HTML5 Support

Reach the growing mobile audience and make sure videos play on web, tablet and mobile. We automatically detect and and deliver your videos over HTML5 when needed.

iOS Optimized playback

Renders 5 different streams so that the end device can select the appropriate stream depending on strength of mobile connection.

Personal support from video experts

In whichever way works best for you

The overall level of support is excellent. The team are quick to respond, accurate in their instructions and have saved us so much time and money by lowering our development and troubleshooting hours.

Will Wynne
Will Wynne Arena Flowers

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