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Video Watermarking For Business

Add a branded watermark to your video to ensure that no one can steal your content and pass it off as their own.

What Is A Video Watermark?

A video watermark is a way to add your branding or logo to every frame in a video. This stops people from stealing your content and presenting it as their own because your brand is always present in the video.

How To Add Watermarks To Your Video.

vzaar allows you to digitally watermark your videos with a logo or image of your choice. Upload your image to vzaar & we'll overlay that image into the video so that you can mark or protect your videos with your own branding or messaging. The main purpose of video watermarking is security.

You can upload an image of your choice, which we'll save, and also control its positioning within the video player. We default the image to the top left hand corner of the video player.

The watermark feature can be turned on or off. When on, all subsequent videos uploaded will, by default, be watermarked with the image selected.

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Prevent Piracy.

Secure Video Streaming On Every Device.

If your private videos become available elsewhere your entire business could be on the line. Viewers will go to your competitors & stop paying to access your content. Combine video watermarking with vzaar’s Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to prevent unauthorized downloading. Keep your video stream secure on every single device - desktop, tablet and mobile.

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Lock It Down.

Your Video Plays On Your Site, And Nowhere Else.

Don’t let anybody else use your valuable videos. In addition to video watermarking, use vzaar’s Domain Control to keep your content working for you, and only you. Signed Key Security sets an expiry time for your embed code so it can’t be used anywhere other than your site.

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Control Who Watches.

Password Protect Your Private Videos.

If you only want an exclusive group of people to watch your videos add a password to control who watches your content. Then add video watermarking to ensure they don't download your content and use it as their own.

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Make Videos Available For A Limited Time Only.

Restrict your content so it’s only available within a certain time frame. Choose a time window to make your private videos public. Once the time is up nobody will be able to view them.




*100GB of allowance can be used towards China playback. Overages apply thereafter. Please contact us if you require additional bandwidth for this territory.