How To Make Business Videos
9 Hard-Won Lessons

Cover business video
  • Master the art of creating the perfect video brief
  • Discover the 4 step planning process that will save you hours
  • Stretch your budget with clever kit hacks
  • Learn how to get comfortable on camera
  • Find out how to de-stress your video shoot

How To Create The Perfect Video Brief

What's your video's objective? And who is the target audience. 7 questions you must know the answers to before you create your video.

Planning For Success

When you've got a great idea for a video, often you can be tempted to just do it. Don't. You'll wind up reshooting sections because you haven't got the footage you expected. We use a 4 stage plan.

Collaborate Early

"Collaboration drives creativity because innovation emerges from a series of sparks – never a single flash of insight" - B. Sawyer

The Benefits of B Roll

Having a two camera set-up makes the edit so much easier. There are 3 annoying problems that b-roll can solve for you.

Video Kit Doesn't Have To Cost The Earth

There are all sorts of little hacks you can try out that mean you don't need to spend a fortune. Including this step by step guide on how to build your own light reflector.

Getting Comfortable on Camera

Not everyone is at home in front of the camera, but there are few ways you can help put your talent at ease. Turns out smiling is contagious.

Save Time In The Edit By Shooting Right

It's surprising how much footage you'll amass just for a 90 second video. And come editing time, it can be a real nightmare to sift through it all. Save time, energy and sanity (!) with these 4 super simple tips.

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