HTML5 Player

All of our embed codes are automatically generated with the ability to fall back to HTML5 when the Adobe Flash player is not present. This also means that we can deliver your video content to a wider range of devices, including Apple iOS mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone.

You don't need to enable this feature, as it's active all of the time. You simply need to use either of the embed codes that we provide you with, and your viewers can benefit from having HTML5 support on their non-flash devices.

While we strive to maintain 100% feature parity between the Flash and HTML5 player, there are some features which either operate slightly differently on the HTML5 player or are simply not implemented at all in the HTML5 player. For example, Google Analytics tracking data is not sent from the HTML5 player. Other examples are social sharing and playlists. We provide a free trial which is the perfect tool for evaluation and to help you satisfy yourself that we meet your specific requirements.