video analytics: measure & grow your video views

vzaar Playability Index

How likely are your videos to be played? The vpi gives your videos a score out of 1000 based on the number of impressions and plays they have received. It’s easy to spot which videos have been successful, and which ones need a bit of TLC.

A Fresh New Look

All new interface makes your data easier to interpret. PLUS we’ll send you account snapshot emails so you can keep an eye on how your videos are performing.

Quick & Easy Video Management

You Asked, We Answered: Video Search Is Here

There’s never enough hours in the day. So why waste your precious few hunting through long lists to find videos? Our new video management system has been updated to include lightning quick video search.

Sort videos into categories and subcategories and search through them to find what you need. Job done.

Gigaloader: The Fastest Way To Upload Large Videos

Chunked uploading 780x442

Flaky internet? No problem

Gigaloader splits your video upload into smaller chunks so it can pick up where it left off should your connection drop.

Pause & resume your uploads

Welcome to flexible uploads. Pause if you’re on the move, then resume whenever you next have a stable Internet connection.

vzaar Video Building Block: Blackboard Integration


Easily Add Video To Blackboard

A one stop shop for video and Blackboard. Sync your organization’s vzaar account with Blackboard. Hey presto! Faculty can manage all their course videos from within Blackboard itself.

Banish time-consuming copy & pasting. It’s now just one platform for teachers to upload, manage, use (and love!).

Google Analytics For HTML5 Video

H5 google analytics

Detailed Stats For Mobile Video

How much of my video has been viewed? Where in the world has my video been viewed? From where? On which device?

Our Google Analytics integration gives you the answer! And it’s now available for the HTML5 player so you can get your hands on data for mobile as well as Flash views.