Lightning Quick In-China Video Playback

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Premium PoPs Now Online

With additional servers in Beijing, your videos will stream up to 6X faster to viewers in China. Whoosh! You get lightning quick video playback. And super delighted viewers.

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Who is this available to?

Until January 12th 2016 we’re giving EVERYONE a sneak peek. All our clients will get 100GB of bandwidth to be streamed through Premium PoPs. At no additional cost! See all the terms and conditions here.

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Upload Big Video Files

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Introducing The Gigaloader

Need to upload large videos? No problem. We’ve introduced a super reliable way to upload big video files. Our Gigaloader splits your video upload into equally sized chunks. Each chunk is uploaded one at a time, and this basically eradicates upload failures. We’re rolling this out to our UI uploader and libraries as we speak. We’ll ping you when it’s available.

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Who is this available to?

Available NOW in our PHP library. Coming soon to the UI uploader and all other API libraries.

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Quick & Easy Video Management System

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Organize Your Videos The Brand Spankin’ New Way

Who wants to spend time hunting through video lists to find videos? Thought not. You’ll love the new video management system. Sort your videos into categories and subcategories. It makes for speedy video management, and a much more logical hierarchy on your video list page.

Sounds Good! Check Out The BETA Version

Who is this available to?

If you're an account owner or editor you can sign up to the BETA version. It's what all the cool kids are doing.

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Enhanced Video Statistics

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Hello HTML5

Data lovers! We’re bringing you new reports so you can crunch more delicious numbers :) We’ve made a mahoosive under the hood change to how we measure video views. So we’re now bang up to date with HTML5 technology. As of December 1st you’ll be given the option to switch over to our enhanced statistics. We’ll pop you an email to remind you. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss out.

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You’ll get:

  • Hourly breakdown report so you can see at what time of day your videos get the most views.
  • Precise data for video views on HTML5.
  • PLUS we’ll keep the old measurement system running for an entire year (so you’ll still be able to do year on year comparisons).

Pretty neat, huh?

Who is this available to?

Everyone! Good times.

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Faster Video Player Loading

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The Usain Bolt Of iFrames

The vzaar video player now loads up to 87% faster*. We’ve made the video iFrame a whole heap more efficient. Give your audience the best viewing experience of their lives...welcome to a whole new level of blink-and-you-miss-it loading speeds.

*Flash player loads 87% faster. H5 player loads 15% faster. Tests based on when the window.load event fired, on average Internet connection speed of 86.25 mbps.

Who is this available to?

Everyone! All our clients & trialists will now enjoy iFrame 2.0 and its breakneck video loading speeds.

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